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Keep your eyes healthy by scheduling regular eye exams at Bartram Eye Care. These are an important part of overall health maintenance for our patients in Jacksonville. Many potentially serious eye problems can be identified before symptoms appear. We believe that detecting possible issues sooner rather than later is the best defense against vision loss.

If you are scheduling your first eye examination with us, let us know of your medical and eye health history. During your exam, we'll assess your vision in both eyes and look for signs of common eye conditions. You'll also receive tips for keeping your eyes healthy. Our comprehensive approach to vision care also includes:

  • Directing patients to appropriate eyewear
  • Updating eyewear prescriptions
  • Screening for common diseases
  • Managing ongoing conditions

You can turn to Bartram Eye Care for all your vision needs. It's generally recommended that most people have an eye exam every two years and patients with conditions such as diabetes have an exam each year. Call today to set up an appointment at our office in Jacksonville, FL.

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