Cataract Screening

Cataract Test in Jacksonville, FL

A cataract test is the only way to properly diagnose this condition, and you can receive one from Bartram Eye Care. Sometimes referred to as a cataract screening, it involves a thorough examination of both eyes. We welcome any patients in the Jacksonville area who think their vision may be impaired by clouded lenses.

Conscientious Assessment

Your overall health and any medications you’re taking will be considered. We'll do our best to derive useful information from relevant examinations. These may include a fluid pressure and visual field test. Testing for cataracts also involves a retinal exam. We'll dilate your eyes for a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the cloudiness in the lens of each one. A device called a slit lamp will be used to find out if you have cataracts.

Get the answers you need to make well-informed decisions with a cataract test performed by the optometrists at Bartram Eye Care in Jacksonville, FL. It's recommended that individuals over the age of 40 have a test every two years to check for cataracts. Call today to set up an appointment.

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